Valentines Day Card Activity

vdayMrs. Cameron’s U.S. History and Government Valentine’s Day Cards
Mrs. Cameron’s U.S. History and Government junior classes created historical Valentine’s Day cards based on the historical figures studied in class. Students chose a figure and created a Valentine’s Day card from that leader. Students needed to use applied critical thinking skills to analyze the historical background for each person. Students also had to incorporate their knowledge of the time period to make the Valentine’s Day cards witty. This creative assignment helped the juniors to have a little fun with history all while reviewing for the Regents exam.

Quotes regarding the assignment
US History is such a great course, there’s nothing better than a great Valentine’s Day history pun. This activity was the highlight of my week.
~ Jenaya Cates

This Valentine activity was a great way to apply US History to a well known appreciated holiday.
~ Leilani Aviles

The Valentine’s Day activity was a fun, corny way to incorporate Us history into real life. It’s kinda boring always having to take notes or read from the textbook. It was such a fun deviation.
~ Genesis Feliciano

Quotes/puns from the cards:
“I, Thomas Jefferson used implied powers, but for you, I bring flowers. I sent Lewis and Clark to look for a water route but for you, I will follow my heart. In my presidency, I knew how to behave, but for you, I could be your slave. I purchased the Louisiana Territory with money, but for you, I purchased your love with my looks, honey. At the end you and I, love living until we die?”
“Just like I did for America, I want to keep this relationship neutral. Love, George Washington”
“Happy Valentine’s Day. With my Navigation Acts, I will navigate my way to you.”
“Hey Babe, Are you from Plymouth? Because you rock!”
“Rose are red, Violets are blue. Come to Cali with me, I have gold for you.”
“You’re the only Valentine I have left, so give me liberty or give me death.” Love, Patrick Henry”
“When I met you, I found a whole new world. Love, Christopher Columbus”
“Not even the Proclamation Line of 1763 can stop me from moving west to your heart. –An American colonist”
“Hey, I’ve been shot…… by Cupid’s arrow.” Love, Abraham Lincoln”