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Sr. Jean Marie Humphries, osu, PhD, AMSU ‘89, Principal JHumphries@amsu.org
Mrs. Carolyn Duggan, Assistant Principal for Academics & Discipline CDuggan@amsu.org

Administrative Staff
Mrs. Susan Acocella, Administrative Assistant for School SAcocella@amsu.org
Ms. Kania Javier, Principal’s Secretary/Office Assistant KJavier@amsu.org

Admissions and Recruitment
Ms. Silvia Cabreja, Director SCabreja@amsu.org
Ms. Alanarose Davis, Assistant ADavis@amsu.org

Building and Grounds
Mr. Luis Pantojas, Supervisor LPantojas@amsu.org
Mr. Willy Valentine WValentine@amsu.org
Mr. Oscar Abreu OAbreu@amsu.org

Coordinator of Student Ministry and Activities
Ms. Jeanne DiBenedetto JDiBenedetto@amsu.org

Development/Alumnae/External Relations
Ms. Jasmin Abbatiello, Executive Director of Development JAbbatiello@amsu.org
Ms. Doris Balbuena, Development Associate DBalbuena@amsu.org
Mr. Mitch Turner, Development Associate MTurner@amsu.org
Mr. Frederick Joseph, Marketing Consultant 

Finance Office
Ms. Michelle Kelleher, Treasurer MKelleher@amsu.org
Ms. Teresita Sanabria, Associate Treasurer TSanabria@amsu.org
Ms. Amy Malave-Dowd, Accounts Payable AMalave@amsu.org

Mrs. Kathleen O’Connell, Chairperson KOConnell@amsu.org
Ms. Brianne O’Hare BOHare@amsu.org

Health Room
Ms. Barbara Finney, Nurse BFinney@amsu.org

Library/Media Services
Ms. Jhenelle Robinson, Library Media Specialist JRobinson@amsu.org

Mission Effectiveness
Sr. Barbara Calamari, osu BCalamari@amsu.org

Service Coordinator
Sr. Alice Marie Giordano, osu AGiordano@amsu.org


Mrs. Laura Martinez. Music and Performing Arts, Department Chairperson LMartinez@amsu.org
Mr. Henry Triana, Computers/Media Department Chairperson HTriana@amsu.org
Mrs. Janine Collins, Art, Department Chairperson JCollins@amsu.org

Ms. Keri Masick, Department Chairperson KMasick@amsu.org
Ms. Jessica Sticklor JSticklor@amsu.org
Ms. Noreen McAuliffe NMcauliffe@amsu.org

Foreign Language
Ms. Diana Mera DMera@amsu.org
Ms. Linda Peri, Department Chairperson LPeri@amsu.org

Health and Phys Ed
Ms. Christina Ferrari CFerrari@amsu.org
Ms. Tara Harrison, Department Chairperson THarrison@amsu.org

Ms. Eve Cohen ECohen@amsu.org
Mrs. Monica DeLaurentis, Department Chairperson MDeLaurentis@amsu.org
Ms. Summer Evans SEvans@amsu.org
Ms. Lillian Savastano LSavastano@amsu.org

Mr. Vincent Amendola VAmendola@amsu.org
Ms. Mary Gratton MGratton@amsu.org
Mr. Leonardo Soliman, Department Chairperson LSoliman@amsu.org
Mr. Kyle Mena KMena@amsu.org

SAT Prep
Mrs. Jennifer Neal, SAT Prep/SSP Coordinator/Cafeteria Duty JNeal@amsu.org

Dr. Athena Mengharini AMengharini@amsu.org
Mr. Aroon Rampersaud ARampersaud@amsu.org
Dr. Suroj Tiwari, Department Chairperson STiwari@amsu.org
Ms. Jennifer Cofre JCofre@amsu.org

Social Studies
Mrs. Sinead Cameron SCameron@amsu.org
Ms. Katherine Corticcio KCorticcio@amsu.org
Mrs. Marie Fabrizio, Department Chairperson MFabrizio@amsu.org

Desk Duty
Mrs. Lirija Pepaj LPepaj@amsu.org
Ms. Flor Paulino-Figueroa FFigueroa@amsu.org
Ms. Emycee Garcia EYGarcia@amsu.org

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