Kania Javier
Principal’s and Admissions Assistant
718-364-5353 Ext. 215

AMSU Start Date: August 2017

Personal Interests: Volunteer work, traveling, and dogs

Bachelor of Science, Iona College – Psychology

Just as Serviam is the Academy of Mount St. Ursula’s motto, it is also my life motto. Serving the community through volunteer work is a passion of mine and I regularly take the time to help my community through soup kitchens, mission trips, and volunteering at my local animal shelter. One passion of mine is being a group leader at a summer camp for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS.
As an alumna of Aquinas High School, I understand the importance of sisterhood and female empowerment. I hope to continue to inspire young ladies to be goal oriented, strong-minded independent women while working at AMSU.