Aquiala Walden
Music Teacher

AMSU Start Date: September 2018

Music, Acting & Theatre, and SAT Prep

Extra Curricula: AMSU Vocalists

Personal Interests: Music, painting, cooking, and baking

Bachelor of Music, Ithaca College – Music Education

Ms. Aquiala Walden was born and raised in the Bronx, NY where she grew closely tied to church and music ministry, her initial introduction to music. Aquiala also comes from a family of very strong musical influence as her father and several relatives have served and currently serve as ministers of music in various churches throughout the U.S. and in the country of Jamaica. Throughout her years at IC, intense study of her major, involvement in extracurricular and community ensembles has led Ms. Walden to gain a wealth of knowledge on different genres and styles of music. She prides herself in comfortability and understanding of appropriate singing and playing techniques regarding classical, jazz, gospel and the negro spiritual. Although the voice is her primary instrument, Ms. Walden also plays the piano and guitar at an intermediate level and can teach an array of instruments from beginner to intermediate levels. Her methods of teaching involve ensuring all students experience self-awareness and representation in their education.
“Being a music educator is a path that chose me, and I fervently take on the task. I look forward to using music to lead students in the direction of growth, self-awareness and cultural