Regina Ward, AMSU ’93
Technology Teacher and Tech Manager

AMSU Start Date: September 2018

Intro to Computers and AP Computer Science Principles

Extra Curricula: Technology Club and Umoja Dare STEP Team

Personal Interests: Technology, bowling, fencing, art, and science

Bachelor of Arts, The City College of New York (CUNY) – New Media Design
Master of Science, New York Institute of Technology – Instructional Technology
Microsoft Office Master Instructor

I’ve been connected to AMSU for well over 30 years; As an alum, as the sister of two alums, and as the mother of two recent alums. Now, God has placed me here by providing the opportunity to teach technology. It was a computer class here at AMSU that solidified my desire to pursue a technology career. And now, I have the opportunity to provide that spark or grow a young woman’s interest in computing. I strive to show our students all the opportunities that are available for women in technology and that any women can be successful in this field.