Judaism AntiSemitism and Jewish Catholic Relations

JudaismOn March 15, 2016, the AMSU students, faculty and staff entered into a powerful dialogue at a morning assembly with Rabbi David Fox Sandmel, Director of interfaith Affairs Anti-Defamation League.

At the presentation Rabbi Sandmel presented to our student body the importance of tolerance, empathy and understanding when entering into a discussion about religion-particularly within the context of “Jewish-Catholic Relations.”

He emphasized the need to recognize and celebrate our religious differences and yet come to an understanding the “Religion” on any level is about “Relationships”: our relationship with God. self and others!

With this in mind, the Rabbi articulated, that one can enter into a “Civil” discussion on religious issues when one approaches the subject with compassion and openness of heart and mind, and sees the need to learn from one another as opposed to constantly contradicting one another!

It was a wonderful experience for our students to internalize and apply their understanding of what one means by having a broader GLOBAL view on all matters-particularly on matters on faith and morals in such a diverse “multi-cultural” world.

Rabbi David Sandmel Joined the Anti-Defamation League in 2014 as Director of Interfaith Affairs.
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