Graduate Profile

*Revised, June 2011
In keeping with the Ursuline tradition of empowering young women, a graduate of The Academy of Mount Saint Ursula will ideally be able to:


  • Celebrate God’s love by having respect for herself and others, and by allowing that love to foster good moral judgment.
  • Serve others within the context of her family, her community, and the global society in the example of the Ursuline tradition.


  • Master content and become a critical thinker as she researches, analyzes, interprets, and values education as a lifelong activity.
  • Have knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines and apply this knowledge to problem solving and real life situations.


  • Respect, appreciate, and adapt to a culturally diverse society.
  • Demonstrate a sense of self-respect, self-control, and an acceptance of all people.
  • Communicate effectively and learn to lead and work collaboratively.