Style Guide

Official Style Guide
As of September 2, 2010

a. School name should always be written in small caps.
b. Note: Saint should always be abbreviated.
c. Official Nicknames/Acronyms:
i. The Mount – alumnae from the 60s
ii. Mount – alumnae from the 70s
iii. MSU – alumnae from the 80s – 90s
iv. Ursula – alumnae from 90s – 00s
v. AMSU – current

2. Fonts (T:\External Relations\Branding\Fonts):
a. Cambria – serif font for school name and body
b. Helvetica – san serif font for headers on print
c. Verdana – san serif font for text on the web

3. School Colors:
a. Maroon and White
b. Accent Colors: Blue, Canvas, Green
c. Maroon:
i. PMS 202
ii. R: 140, G: 38, B: 51
iii. Hex: #8C2633
d. Blue:
i. PMS 281
ii. R: 0, G: 40, B: 104
iii. Hex: #002868
e. Canvas:
i. PMS 155
ii. R: 244, G: 219, B: 170
iii. Hex: # F4DBAA
f. Green:
i. PMS 336
ii. R: 0, G: 104, B: 84
iii. Hex: #006854

4. School Seal w/ School Name and Tagline (File saved T:\ External Relations\Branding\AMSU Seal\AMSUwTag.jpg):
a. Colors:
i. Maroon
ii. Black
iii. White
b. Placement:
i. On the top left hand corner of all official documents
ii. On the top center of all school event flyers

5. School Tagline:
a. Four Years to Last a Lifetime (cambria, italics)
b. Placement: directly below the school name

6. Slogan:

a. ACADEMICS | ARTS | SERVICE (cambria, small caps)
b. Serviam – school motto – means “I will serve.”

7. Credentials:
a. Academic Excellence since 1855
b. Middle States Accredited since 1964

8. Vision Statement:
a. The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is a Catholic high school that educates aspiring young women of diverse cultural backgrounds to excel in college and in all aspects of their lives.
b. Placement: Website, small marketing materials

9. Mission Statement:
a. The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is a Catholic high school, conducted in the Ursuline tradition, which serves college bound women of diverse cultures by instilling a love of learning and a broader global view. In a family atmosphere, we strive to empower young women for leadership in society. AMSU is recognized for its exceptional programs in Academics, Arts and Service.
b. Placement: everywhere, website, large marketing materials, all classrooms

10. Key Message statements:
a. Prospective Students: You have dreams. AMSU nurtures them all through Academics, Arts and Service.
b. Prospective Parents: Empowering today’s young women with a foundation for lifelong success, AMSU students receive an extraordinary education in Academics, Arts and Service, nestled within a beautiful campus and a feeling of family.
c. Feeder Schools: Focused on Academic Excellence, Arts and Service, AMSU students receive an exceptional education in a nurturing environment.
d. Donors/Alumnae: AMSU empowers young urban women with an outstanding foundation in Academics, Arts and Service toward a lifetime of success and leadership.
e. Local Community: Educating aspiring young women with a focus in Academics, Arts and Service.

11. Boilerplate:

The Academy of Mount St. Ursula – founded in 1855 – is a Catholic college preparatory school that serves college bound women. AMSU instills in them a love of learning and a broader global view. Following the Ursuline tradition, students receive a strong foundation in Academics, Arts and Service. In a family atmosphere and nestled on a beautiful 10 acre campus, the school encourages students’ individual dreams and strives to empower its students for leadership in society. For more information, please visit

12. School Online Profile:
AMSU at a glance: Class of 2009 received over $4.4 million in academic scholarships; Gates Millennium Scholars in 2006, 2007 & 2009 and a National Achievement Scholarship was awarded in 2008; 98% of students choose to attend college immediately after graduation; 6 advanced placement courses; Four-year Art Academy program includes classes at Metropolitan Museum of Art and Frick Museum; St. John’s University College Advantage Program for Juniors and Seniors; Urban Voices: A Choral Initiative sponsored by the Metropolitan Opera Guild; Peer Tutoring Program; Over 30 extracurricular clubs including: Liberty LEADS, National Honor Society, Guitar Club; Anime Club; Umoja Dare Step Team; Musical Theater; MSG Varsity Media Club; Retreat Team; Serviam Leaders; Student Council; Sports: volleyball, basketball, softball; Interactive parental website

13. Images:
a. Student focused visuals:
i. Students participating in activities or service projects
ii. Students outside on the campus grounds
iii. Students drawing in the art room
iv. Students working on lap tops
v. Students studying in the library or in groups
vi. Students being assisted/instructed by faculty
vii. Students with their families
viii. Students praying or singing in Chapel
ix. Students dressed as bear or bear images
b. Avoid:
i. Using images of the convent (exception alumnae)
ii. Widescreen shots of the gym, auditorium and cafeteria
iii. Exit signs, fire alarms, radiators and warning signs in the background