In the classroom

IMG_3434On the morning of March 8th, all students in Ms. Mirabella’s 1st and 6th period English classes rose to welcome their sophomore judge at the beginning of the Beowulf mock trial. The prosecution and the defending teams were made up of 2 student lawyers who argued, investigated, questioned, examined, cross examined and redirected. The defense strove to prove that Beowulf is an innocent, epic hero who protected his people; the prosecution attempted to demonstrate that Beowulf is a murderer, seeking fame and gold only. Over the course of three days, the jury watched with keen eyes as the courtroom became more intense. As new evidence was unveiled and presented day after day, the two teams worked harder to challenge their opposing side. On the final day, the jury voted anonymously, writing either “guilty” of “not guilty” on a piece of paper. Ms. Mirabella carefully reviewed and tallied the responses in order to reach a verdict. Friday, March 11th, the sophomores waited anxiously to hear the final outcome during morning announcements. Mrs. Duggan’s voice was heard over the loud speaker: “the jury of Ms. Mirabella’s classes finds Beowulf to be not guilty.” The defending team was ecstatic as they realized that their hard work has paid off. Ms. Mirabella rewarded the team with an award that displayed “best defending lawyers” on it and gave each student a homework pass. This was truly an epic way to end a unit on an epic poem: Beowulf.