The Canterbury Tales 2017


Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales depicts an array pilgrims from all walks of life during the 14th century. In his prologue, Chaucer introduces 29 pilgrims that possess a variety of virtues and vices. After concluding their unit on The Canterbury Tales, Ms. Mirabella assigned each of her sophomores the role of a 14th century pilgrim. Students were asked to dress up as different characters in the tales and even recite a homemade poem. Just as the characters in The Canterbury Tales kept many secrets, Ms. Mirabella asked the students to conceal their identity by omitting their pilgrim’s name from their poem. This made the entire presentation engaging and entertaining for all as the class had to guess who each pilgrim was. The activity also served as a live review for all students before their upcoming test. Overall, Ms. Mirabella and the sophomores never fail to team up and make learning fun!