Summer School

summer school policy 2016
summer school registration procedures

Attention Students:

Summer School Registration Procedures

It is every student’s responsibility to come in to school to get one’s report card on Monday, June 27th and to make sure that you sign up for summer school if you find you have failed a class or Regents examination. No excuses!
Registration begins on Monday at the various schools so you must be ready to go register if needed.

Starting around June 20th, you may be contacted by someone from the guidance office as soon as your teacher reports to the office that you have failed a class or Regents examination. But you also might not be contacted until June 27th. However, you will still be held responsible for registering for summer school. Teachers are not permitted to release any examination or course grades directly to students or parents. Know Regents results are fully ready till June 27th.

To register for summer school, you must first come to guidance who will be set up in cafeteria area on June 27th once you have your report card or are told to report there by your teachers or administration. You must then take the paperwork you received from guidance to the Catholic summer school selected by you on the days that the summer school designates for their registration.

Catholic School Summer School is the policy because we know the quality of the programs. Exceptions (approved online school and/or public school) are only made if a parent comes to see Sr. Jeannie. Know exceptions are rarely made.