Class of 2023

Admission to The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is determined in part by the results of the TACHS exam administered Friday, November 4th, 2018.

Registration Closes: October 14, 2019 05:00 PM EST

To register or for more information please call TACHS at 866-618-2247

TACHS Checklist

  • Register for exam via or by calling 1-866-618-2247.
  • Complete and submit Eligibility Form for Students Needing Extended Testing Time, if applicable.
  • Receive Admit Card confirming test site. AMSU is a test site!
  • Attend High School Information Fair and AMSU’s Open House and have a great time!
  • Have your school complete and submit Applicant Record.
  • Write AMSU’s TACHS code (#217) as one of your choices on the Admit Card before the day of testing. Parents must sign card.
  • Take practice test in back of Student Handbook.
  • Bring Admit Card to test site on day of test.
  • Receive High School Admission Notice(s) mid-January.