March 2017


Bria Holness ’11

What is your most memorable moment at AMSU?
Not to be morbid but one of my most memorable moments at AMSU was the week my classmate and teammate, Samira Ahmed passed away. I’ll never forget that day — to this day those moments play over and over in my head as I experienced and witnessed death for the first time. Of course losing a friend at the tender age of 15 was hard, but what made those moments most memorable was the way that my class came together. There was a lot of petty and childish drama going on in my class at the time and from that point on, it all just evaporated as for the first time ever in our lives we could see clearly that life is too short and the petty things we would fight over would not matter tomorrow…or ever. I remember coming into school the next day and you could literally hear a pin drop. We took the day and the rest of the week to cry, hug each other, be silent, be still, and reflect; so did our teachers, staff, and the administration. Not only did they know we were hurting, but they were hurting as well. And we all came together to heal. Our sisterhood was never the same after that. It was stronger.
Where did you attend college?
I went to Syracuse University and I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Television, Radio, and Film. I went on to pursue my Master’s degree and graduated in 2016 with a Master’s in Media and Education.

What are you doing now?
Now, I am working for a non-profit youth media organization, named Educational Video Center. We are dedicated to teaching documentary video as a means to develop the artistic, critical literacy, and career skills of young people, while nurturing their idealism and commitment to social change.
We are so proud of our graduate, Bria Holness, as she continues to embody our Serviam motto.