Arts and Media at AMSU

Visual Arts Department:
The Visual Arts program starts the students off with 9th-grade basic art where they hone the skills and techniques necessary to accurately represent what it is they are seeing. Throughout the process, they are challenged to look critically and analyze their subject matter and their drawings to see how they can develop their work further. They learn that drawing is a skill that requires practice and discipline.

For students who have done well in basic art and are interested in the digital arts, we also offer Animation, Studio Art, and Media Arts courses. Animation students learn about creating storyboards and translating them into short films. Studio Art is a graphic design course that addresses such topics as typography, logo design, and poster design. Media Arts and Applications focuses on learning basic digital photography skills, photo editing and correction, and simple publication design skills in order to create the school yearbook. All of these classes teach the students to use the computer and Adobe software (Flash/Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) as creative tools.

Music Department:
Ms. Walden is very excited about the journey that we will be taking together this year! Some of you have had music classes for many years and I hope that you can learn new things this year to help you grow musically. For some of you, this is your first ever experience with music and I cannot wait to introduce you to the awesome world of music! We will be singing throughout the year in this class and will perform as a sophomore class on Ring Day and in the Christmas and spring concerts. When we are not busy singing, we will be exploring such topics as music notation, instrument families, classical music history, jazz history, Latin music, opera, musical theatre and much, much more. We will also attend exciting outside performances such as an opera at the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center and a Broadway show. Learning music requires perseverance, discipline, creativity and team work and I hope that this year will be a memorable one that helps you to grow as a musician and a person.

The Music department will continue to offer all Sophomores a basic theory class and a group keyboard studies class this academic school year. Juniors and seniors also have the opportunity to take Voice Lab, an elective course for those interested in pursuing singing at any level. 

We look forward to continue the development of musical creativity AMSU with you!



Acting /Theater:
This will be one of the most fun and challenging classes you will ever take. Together this year, we will actively learn about a variety of theatre topics such as stage movement, pantomime, improvisation, and playwriting and will perform in International Night and AMSU’s spring musical. Through our partnership with TDF’s “Residency Project,” this class will participate in a year-long playwriting workshop with a NYC playwright. This workshop includes an opportunity for students’ work to be read by professional actors in a Manhattan theater and two trips to see Broadway and off-Broadway shows. This will be an exciting year full of laughter and personal growth and I look forward to guiding you all to your personal best on and off stage!