Visual Arts

fineartVisual Arts Department:
The goal of the department is to teach students to incorporate their vision into a component of their thinking skills. The eyes are directly connected to the conscious mind. It is vision that focuses the mind in listening and problem solving. It is the sensory organ that feeds the most input into the brain. The course is designed to teach students how to succeed and it begins with discipline and the focusing of the eyes, which is the focusing of the brain. Those students who are actively pursuing an art career and the preparation of a portfolio for post secondary study will use the above techniques plus knowledge of material to understand and translate their world of vision into a work of art.

Digital Arts:
With the growth of the digital art industry, as well as the number of students interested in animation, we decided that the art program should evolve. Therefore, beginning in Fall 2015, in addition to the 9th grade basic drawing classes, we will also have classes for animation and graphic design. Animation students will learn about creating storyboards and translating them into short films. Graphic design will address such topics as typography, logo design, and poster design. Both of these new classes will teach the students to use the computer and Adobe software as creative tools.

Media Arts:
The Media Arts and Applications course is a combination of media history, creation of films, the 2014-2015 yearbook, and the school newspaper. The media history component of the course is divided into four parts:

  • History of Radio and Television
  • The History of Motion Pictures
  • History of American Television Genres
  • Religion and Television

Bond No 9 from Academy of Mount St. Ursula on Vimeo.

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