AMSU offers varsity sports teams in basketball, cheerleading, softball, STEP & volleyball.

In order to try out for any team, each student must submit AMSU’s Doctor’s Note & Parent Permission Slip.  Please note this is a separate form in addition to AMSU’s physical examination/vaccination history form.  This form is valid for one year following the date of the student’s physical examination as stated on the form.

There is a $25 Sports fee for any student that participates on a sports team. It is $25 per sport, so if a student participates on more than one team, the fee is charged during each respective season.  The fee will be billed to the student’s Smart Tuition account the month following tryouts.

The $25 Sports fee is new for the 2017


2018 school year to help cover the costs of:

Transportation: Teams travel to and from away games via school bus with their coach.

Uniforms: Uniform policy varies from team to team. Students may have to purchase pieces of the uniform as an additional expense.

Sports Awards Brunch: In June 2018, the Sports Awards Brunch will be held to honor the achievements of the five sports teams for the 2017 seasons.


2018 school year. The brunch is free for the athlete. Tickets for guests are $5 each. (More details to follow.)

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