Community Service


Concourse House

Two tutoring programs

Connection to a weekend Project, “Read To Me” at Public Libraries 718-733-2557 ext 16 or 19

Helping a technology Program

196th St & Grand Concourse

Call 718-584-4400 Ask for Homesh Permashwar (just Homesh)

Mercy Center

You will help in an after school tutorial program.

377 E 145 St.

Ask for Mary Ellen 718-993-2789

Our Lady of Refuge Children’s Services

You will be invited to help children with homework and to assist them in learning computer skills. There will sometimes be special projects.

Bainbridge Ave at 196th St.

718-733-2557 ext.16

Read (A Tutorial Program in several locations)

This is a highly organized tutorial program. You will be given several hours of training and then will be assigned a specific student to tutor.

Contact Jaselis Mejia 212-849-6818

Thorpe Family Residence

You will be invited to help children with homework and then provide them with supervision and creative play time.

2252 Crotona Ave.


Park Ave Thorpe

406 E 184th St


Siena House

85 W. 168 St.


Senior Citizen Services Different Senior Citizen Centers have a good variety of activities.

JASA Van Cortlandt Senior Citizen Center

You will be offered numerous creative ways to interact with senior citizens.

students free during lunch may help the kitchen staff to serve lunch. Others can visit with clients before, during and after lunch time.

Musical students can put on special performances for the seniors. In the past, pianists have played during lunchtime; singers have performed before or after lunch, etc. The clients enjoy a wide variety of music styles, especially when it involves a chance to interact with younger people.

Before holidays, students can make holiday cards for the seniors at the center. This may include Holiday, Valentine’s Day, birthday or just-because cards.

Students interested in becoming better at a foreign language could establish a conversation partnership with a senior center client who speaks a different language. Some languages spoken by the clients are Spanish, French, Russian and Yiddish. Seniors make very patient conversation partners and are generally eager to help students. Also, many seniors were born or raised in other countries and can offer many interesting historical and cultural insights for students interested in simply conversing in English.

A class or group of students can sponsor a special event or party for the seniors. This could be a birthday party, a random luau or theme party, a holiday party, friendly debate event, current events discussion, or just about any other kind of special event.

Art students can host an art show of their work for the seniors to enjoy.

Creative Writing students could hold a poetry reading/coffee house event, drama classes could perform small plays or programs.

The Seniors are very interested in having someone to help with computers. If a student has a regular free time during the week and is skilled at using computers (and is very patient tutor!), we may be able to establish a program where a student (or a few different students) give computer lessons weekly by appointment.

If a student has an idea about a way they would like to become involved at the center and it is something that interests the seniors, I would be glad to try to make it happen!

2880 Sedgwick Ave.

Contact Heidi Sheffer


Jewish Home & Hospital

You will visit with Senior Citizens, talk to them about their interests and take part in some physical exercise.

100 W Kingsbridge Rd

Contact Ms. Jacinta Johnson


Rose Hill or Edison Arms

You will be engaged in Bingo games and other activities for Senior Citizens. Command of the Spanish Language is helpful.

2855 Southern Boulevard (Near Fordham Prep)


Sr Annunciata Senior Citizen Center

You will help serve lunch to Senior Citizens. You may also help with computer skills.

243 East 204th Street

Contact Ms. Patricia Burley


St. Patrick’s Home

You will visit senior citizens, talk to them about their interests and help in physical activities.

66 Van Courtlandt Park So.

Volunteer Department

Contact Ms. Janet Kabasa


Francis Schervier Home

You will visit senior citizens, talk to them about their interests and help in physical activities.

2975 Independence Ave



At each of the following sites you will be expected to help in a variety of ways, perhaps bringing the book cart to patients, transporting wheelchair patients to tests, filing forms or other office work.

Albert Einstein Hospital

1825 Eastchester Rd.


Allen Pavilion

Hospital Work

(More than 20 hours must be promised)

5141 Broadway

Contact Ms. Mayra Garcia


St Barnabas Hospital

Third Ave. & 183rd St


Bronx-Lebanon Hospital

1276 Fulton Ave


Grand Concourse & Mt. Eden Ave.

Contact Ms. Lisa Brandan Colon


Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital

622 W 168th St.

Contact Ms. Evelyn Ramos


Lincoln Hospital

E 149th & Morris Ave

Contact Ms. Giselle Torres


Montefiore Hospital

111 E 210th St


Direct Service in Other Places

Cardinal Hayes Program for Exceptional People

This program meets on two Sundays each month from 10:30 – 2:30. You will assist people who have mental or physical difficulties by attending mass with them, helping them at arts and crafts, dancing and physical exercise. Registration will be here at school.

POTS – Part of the Solution (Soup Kitchen)

You will help serve meals to those who come. You may also sort food to be distributed for people to take home.

2763 Webster Ave

Contact Ms. Taina Rodriguez

718-220-4892 ext 16

Or Sr. Mary Alice

Riverdale Neighborhood House

This is a Youth Internship helping with programs in the neighborhood. Paid internships are also offered.

5521 Mosholu Ave.

718-549-8100 ext 117

Applications can be obtained online

Botanical Gardens Explainer Program

You will be expected to help young children discover scientific facts in a center especially prepared for this.

Mosholu Preservation Corporation

You will be engaged in projects related to horticulture, Health and wellness, and the arts.

3400 Reservoir Oval East

Call Michael Brennan