Name: Silvia Cabreja
Position/Title: Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Phone: (718) 364-5353 Ext:237
AMSU Start Date: April 2015

When you first meet Silvia Cabreja, you know you have met a woman who clearly loves her job. AMSU’s new Director of Recruitment and Admissions comes to us from her alma mater, Mother Cabrini High School, where she was known for her upbeat, energetic manner, and for her hard working approach to her responsibilities. Most importantly she was recognized as a relationship builder, a person the students liked, and the parents trusted and respected. Silvia is clearly happy to be at AMSU. A true believer in the value of same sex education, she doesn’t need to work at being convincing when she speaks to any listener about the worth of investing four years in a school with a proven track record for excellence. As the daughter of parents who immigrated from the Dominican Republic, she relates quickly and naturally to a diverse population. Comfortable in both Spanish and English, she is an available, encouraging presence, approachable and positive.

The strength of her message comes from her own life experience which taught her that an excellent education offers, not only essential skill sets, but builds confidence, and fosters the belief that a bright and successful future is truly within reach, if you come to the right place, and work hard to achieve it. Silvia has had work experience not only in recruitment and development, but also in technology, customer relations and sales. She brings all these talents to the table, putting them at the service of her new place and position. She is a born dream builder. In her the students will find a solid role model, someone willing to give back what she received as a high school student.

She has embraced the traditions and the people of AMSU with an open heart. In the short time that she has been a member of the community she says she has felt welcomed and supported. It is very clear that she will bring both of those same qualities to the people she invites to visit, and with whom she interacts.

As part of her responsibilities, Silvia will be the moderator of the Ambassadors Club. She will teach the members of this club how to mirror the hospitality and warmth that are such an integral part of who we are at AMSU. Under her nurturing direction,they will experience both growth and success as they volunteer to introduce our school to its many visitors during Open House and other outreach events.

When she is not creating new opportunities to encourage others to consider choosing to come and spend “ Four Years that last a lifetime” within our school community, Silvia enjoys sightseeing, reading, spending time with her nephews, and with her dog Taz. We look forward to a happy and successful relationship with Silvia and are delighted to have her as part of our team.


Name: Alana Davis
Position/Title: Assistant to the Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Phone: (718) 364-5353 Ext:237
AMSU Start Date: August 2016

Alana graduated from the Academy of Mount. St. Ursula in 2012. She then went on to the University of New Haven where she received her Bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in marketing. Alana is excited to take the opportunity to return back to Ursula , to the place where it all began. She works in the Admissions and Recruitment Department as an assistant. Alana was born and raised in the Bronx. She has a passion for traveling, beauty, and fashion. AMSU is glad to have another one of its graduates working to keep the school going strong and moving forward.

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