Health Room

BarbaraFName: Ms. Barbara Finney
Position/Title: Registered Nurse
Phone: (718) 364-5353 Ext: 216
AMSU Start Date: September 2015
Personal Interests: Reading, knitting/crocheting, event planning and decoration
Credentials: A.A.S. Nursing, Bronx Community College (CUNY); HAACOQ certification; childbirth education

Biography: I earned my A.A.S. degree in Nursing at Bronx Community College. I have worked as a registered nurse in various hospitals for 20 years. Then I worked for 25 years as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner where I also taught Lamaze classes. After a year of retirement, I got bored and started working as an independent contractor school nurse in the public school sector. 3 years ago, I was assigned to AMSU as their first school nurse. Working in AMSU is one of the rewards God has given me in my nursing career.

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