Library Media

Name: Ms. Jhenelle Robinson
Position/Title: Library Media Specialist
Phone: (718) 364-5353 Ext:225
AMSU Start Date: September 2017
Extra Curricula: Library Council
Personal Interests: Food, health, traveling, education
Credentials: Bachelor of Arts, Hunter College (CUNY) – English
Master of Science, Clarion University – Library Science, 

Bio: The aim of the school library center is to support curricula through print and electronic media and technology. When running a school library, there are a few things to consider:

  • What is being taught by instructors?
  • How is the material taught by instructors and how is it received by students?
  • What information is relevant to a diverse group of college-bounders?

I’m excited to join the Academy of Mount St. Ursula community as the School Media Specialist and will consider these questions and more in this role.

I’m enthusiastic about my transition into a high school setting after working in public libraries for 12 years. I recall not being thrilled with my high school’s library. Simply put, it wasn’t a welcoming space. The librarians weren’t friendly, the books were torn and yellowed, and the lighting was so dim! I want to take everything I didn’t like about this experience, flip it on its head and provide the opposite to AMSU students. I enjoy working with young adults because during the high school years, it’s important to have adults that care about teens and their success. As a librarian, I am able to provide an environment encouraging college readiness, creativity, scholarship, recreation, and discovery. This will be accomplished through maintaining a diverse and relevant print and electronic collection and by providing innovative programming and technology.

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