Library Media


Name: Jillian McCoy
Position/Title: Library Media Specialist
Phone: (718) 364-5353 Ext:225
AMSU Start Date: September 1, 2012

Extra Curricula: Library Council
Personal Interests: Reading, Writing, Traveling

Master of Library Science, CUNY-Queens College
Certificate in Children’s and Young Adult Services
Bachelor of Arts, History, Texas State University

Biography: It was my experience in high school that the library was a place of both wonder and comfort. The availability of endless books to read for fun, coupled with the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of the library kept me coming back almost daily. It is my hope that the students of the Academy of Mount St. Ursula feel the same about their library.

I’ve worked in many types of libraries, and with library patrons of all ages and backgrounds. The patrons I enjoy helping the most are teens. The high school years show a dramatic decrease in reading for pleasure, as well as the last opportunity for educators and librarians to instill a love of learning and reading in an age group soon to be beyond our reach.

The school library media center must be an education-focused, technologically progressive facility that inspires in students a love of reading and learning. I am dedicated to creating a library media center where students may find both print and electronic resources to support their education, as well as a fun environment that fosters a lifelong love of reading for pleasure. As our careers and lives become more technology-centered, library media centers should support the necessary evolution of education, while reinforcing the importance of reading for the betterment of students’ creativity, grammar, spelling, research techniques, and writing skills.

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