Name: Mr. Aroon Rampersaud
Position/Title: SCIENCE
Phone: (718) 364-5353

I began teaching at AMSU on 10 /01/ 07. Presently, I am teaching Chemistry (Regents and AP). I am also the moderator of the Eco – Sci club.
My personal interests include reading and watching movies .
I have a BSc. In Science.


Teacher: Athena Mengharini, Ph.D.
Phone: (718) 364-5353
Starting Date: September 2013

Classes currently teaching:Living Environment (Regents Biology) and Regents Earth Science

Years of research have shown me that science is fun. When students are challenged, and meet their challenges, they achieve real happiness. My many years of teaching include a decade spent teaching science at the college level. I bring depth of understanding and real-world examples to the classroom.


Name: Dr. Suroj Tiwari
Position/Title: SCIENCE
Phone: (718) 364-5353

Subjects taught:
AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Physics, Regents Physics
Extracurricular activity: Tutoring
Personal Interests: Hiking, boating, gardening, and pleasure reading


Name: Ms. Ruth Taveras
Position/Title: SCIENCE
Phone: (718) 364-5353

I started teaching at the academy of Mount Saint Ursula almost five years ago. I graduated from Lehman college with a degree in Pre-Medicine. My initial thoughts were to go to medical school. I went to Albert Einstein Medical School for a day and after enduring an entire day of gross anatomy I decided that Medical school was not for me. I then entered the field of teaching. All thanks to my professor Dr. Tiwari who is also the chair of the science department. I am currently teaching Biology Regents and Forensic science. Your students will enjoy science since they will always be active and enjoy hands on activities that will inspire their minds and imagination. I am also the volleyball coach. Last year (2011) we made it to playoffs. I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Lehman College. I am excited to say that I will graduate in June 2013 with a degree in Science Education for grades 7th through 12th. My goal is to make sure that I am updating myself professionally so that my students get the best quality education I can give them. Our mission is to prepare students for college and I will educate them with the tools that they need to succeed in a University and in life.

Classes Currently Teaching:

Biology Regents (Living Environment Regents)
Forensic Science

Classes previously taught:

Anatomy and Physiology
Science 9

Extra Curricular Activities

Volleyball Coach

CUNY Lehman College, Anthropology/Biology/Chemistry/, B.S. 2006
CUNY Lehman College, Masters in Science Education Program (Tentative graduation June 2013.)

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