Library Policies


Students may check out up to three books at one time for a three week loan period. If the student needs more time with the item, they should ask to renew the book which will allow them to use the book for an additional three weeks provided that the item has not been reserved.  Students may also borrow magazines for a one week loan period.

Late fees are $1.00 per day, per item. Students are required to reimburse the school for lost or damaged materials.

Effective use of the library’s resources requires cooperation from everyone. Failure to meet expectations may result in dismissal from the library and/or detention.

Library Expectations:

  • Respect others at all times

  • Use a quiet voice so that others are not disturbed

  • Sign in upon entering the library

  • Check out materials before taking them from the library

  • Enjoy small snacks and bottled drinks at any table that doesn’t hold computers or iPads

  • Use headphones when listening to music or videos

  • Use cell phones in accordance with the library’s BYOD policy, outlined below

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) “Green Zone” Policy

Students are permitted to use their personal cellular devices in addition to laptops, tablets, and e-readers in the library. The library is known as a “Bring Your Own Device Green Zone,” meaning that students will be free to use their devices in accordance with the following terms of use.

The purpose of this policy is to enable students to utilize current technologies as tools for research, finding books to read for pleasure, interacting with the school and library’s social media pages, academic pursuits, and other pursuits of personal interest.

Terms of Use

  1. Cellular devices should remain on “silent” or “vibrate” mode in the library.

  2. Students should continue to ask for permission before placing a call on their cellular device. Only necessary calls will be permitted, and calls must be carried out as quickly and quietly as possible and only in the presence of a faculty member.

  3. Students should use headphones for listening to audio while using applications or viewing videos on any device.

  4. Students should bring fully charged devices to school. The library will not lend chargers to students for the purpose of charging their personal devices.

  5. Students may not take with any device a photographic image, audio, or video recording of any student, faculty or staff member without the express permission of the individual(s). Students may not with any device post to the internet, store, or transmit a photographic image, audio, or video recording of any student, faculty or staff member without the express permission of the individual(s).

  6. Students may not use their device on school grounds to post to the internet or communicate to any other individual information that may be considered harmful as determined by school administrators.

  7. While the library is a “Green Zone,” students should understand that their cellular devices should be silenced and put away before they leave the library, as regular school rules regarding cellular devices will continue to apply at AMSU.


  1. Although students will not be able to access the school’s internet network via their cellular devices, they should understand that the school’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy will still apply to their use of any device on school grounds. Devices should be used with decorum and respect for others’ privacy. Devices should not be used to access inappropriate materials on school grounds, to publish potentially harmful information about others, or to communicate to another individual any information intended to be harmful as determined by school administrators.

  2. Students are responsible for their own property. The school will accept no financial responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged devices. Likewise, neither the library media specialist nor school administrators will be responsible for conducting searches for lost or stolen devices. Students are also required to use their devices in accordance with the expectations of their parent or guardian. The school will accept no financial responsibility for data, texting, or other charges incurred by students using their cellular devices or any other devices while at school.

  3. The use of cellular devices in the library is a privilege which may be revoked at any time, for any reason. Students may be asked to put away their cellular devices or have their cellular device taken away if they are suspected of violating the above terms of use.

  4. School administrators reserve the right to inspect any personal device suspected of containing contents in violation of the above terms of use, or any state, local, or federal laws.

  5. By participating in the BYOD program at AMSU, students imply their agreement with the policy outlined above and their commitment to following the terms of use.

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