Serviam is the motto of all the Ursuline Schools worldwide. The Latin word Serviam means “I will serve” and is symbolized by the virtue of devotedness. At AMSU students are taught to learn how to forget self in order to think of others by serving their family, parish, and local community. The word includes in its meaning self-sacrifice and world-embracing charity.

Self-sacrifice through service prepares young women for leadership roles during their time at AMSU and beyond. They are encouraged to lead and serve both in the local community and around the world.

National Honor Society students collaborate regularly on a variety of service related projects such as the United Nations Working Group on Girls. The students propagate what they learn through these experiences by running workshops and presentations to help their peers understand how they can make an impact in the world.

One of the ways that the students are making a difference is through a partnership with — a global non-profit organization that is connecting people around the globe through lending and the encouragement of entrepreneurship. The students successfully loaned money to eight female entrepreneurs and provided these women with the funding needed to develop their own small businesses and improve the quality of life for their families and their communities.

Another partnership AMSU has is with the Exceptional Children’s Program at Cardinal Hayes High School, since its inception in the 1960s. This program is for local group homes of mentally and physically challenged adults. Cardinal Hayes and AMSU students volunteer their time to serves as guides and chaperones for the adults as part of their community service. They help with arts and crafts as well as physical education activities.

AMSU students also volunteer with the Fordham Bedford Community Services (FBCS), a non-profit organization founded by the Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation. FBCS is committed to serving the children and families of the Northwest Bronx and its surrounding areas. They seek new and innovative ways to strengthen families by providing a variety of programs and services.
It is through these unique partnerships that AMSU students learn the value of service and self-sacrifice and the impact they can have on their community and beyond.

AMSU students are required to complete 10 hours of service per year. A total of 40 service hours are required for graduation.

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