AMSU is proud to share with you some of the experiences that our students will have in outside programs run by college, hospitals and other organizations throughout the school year and in the summer.


Manhattan College Summer Literacy Institute Program


Five members of AMSU’s class of 2018  (Emely Blain, Christina Collado, Brianna Dickson, Janelle Lanclos and Katelyn Prieto) participated in a Summer Literacy Institute at Manhattan College.    Please read Janelle’s words about the experience:

During the month of July, Manhattan College ran a 1 week Summer Literacy Institute program. The goal of the program was to help you write your college essay and also give you a college experience. Manhattan College personnel picked 5 students from the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula, and other students from different high schools, to participate in the program. Students had to apply and get recommendations.   We all roomed with other people from other schools. Throughout the week we took a Religion class and Philosophy class. We were taught the responsibility of waking up on our own and making it to class on time. We had homework and had time to do it all together in the recreation room. However, we did have time to ourselves to socialize and hang out with our new friends.  We were all put into writing groups that met every day. In those groups we were accompanied by mentors who helped us with ideas for our essays and with our overall writing.

The college provided everything for us. They provided food, a place to sleep, and money for transportation.  They even took to us to the Rubin Museum and to see the Broadway show, A Bronx Tale. We participated in 2 workshops. One workshop was a comedic writing session and the other was a rapper by the name of Inkitana who spoke motivational words to us. We learned so many tips over the week that we can use once we go to college. Everyone who worked the program  was so helpful. Their main goal was to see us succeed.

On the last day of the program, we ended it with a Banquet. All our families came out and we read our essays aloud. There was so much support in one room. We all left the program with our college essays done, new but strong friendships, and new opportunities. We were taught how different college was from high school and most importantly, responsibility. We all left feeling confident about being ready for college. It was truly an amazing week.