Adopt a Student Program

IMG_4915What do you think makes a great leader?

I think of someone who influences and impacts their communities, tackles obstacles with resolve, helps open doors for others, and who works to create a better tomorrow.

I think of Deborah – a determined, driven, and rising sophomore at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula.

Deborah, like many teenagers around the country, spent her summer working a part-time job to earn money. But, the difference between Deborah and some other teenagers is that she isn’t working to buy clothes, a new cell phone, or to go out with friends — Deborah is working for the opportunity to finish high school.

A week before school began, Deborah came into our finance office and gave us every single penny she earned over the summer to pay her tuition. It wasn’t nearly enough, but it was all she and her family had. Once she was told that the amount was short, she didn’t ask for help, she asked what else could she do to earn the rest of the money. This is just one example of the dedication to her education Deborah has shown since she first walked through our doors.

It’s not Deborah’s fault that her tuition isn’t paid. She comes from a single parent home with a mother who works very hard. But, with multiple children, the continued increase in the cost of living, and a lack of assistance, it’s hard to make ends meet – let alone afford a premier education for her children.

Regardless of these obstacles, Deborah continues to persevere. She is determined to be the first person in her family to attend college and based on her academic achievements, I know she will not only attend college but thrive and graduate.

Her $9,350 tuition and fees are the only factors standing between Deborah and her dreams.

Here at AMSU, we are doing everything in our power to make sure she has the future she has worked tirelessly for. But, we need your help. As Pope Francis has said, “We all have the duty to do good.”

On behalf of Deborah and other students in similar situations, striving every day for the opportunities many of us had, I’m asking you to do good with us. In the last year, our freshman enrollment has increased by almost 20%, which means we have an opportunity to pave the way for more leaders than ever before.

I’m asking you to open your heart and help provide an opportunity for the young women who are poised to change the world.

Please join our “Adopt a Student” program and make a donation to help us continue to open the world for our leaders of tomorrow.

Your gift directly impacts our students. Last year, 100% of our students (81 seniors) graduated and were accepted into college. They received nearly $17.5 million in college scholarships. Your support allows us to cultivate these young women leaders and to give them the opportunities they deserve.

It only takes a moment to change a lifetime!

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