Sustain our Structure, Support our School

When you think about your best memories and experiences in high school, what do you remember most? Maybe you remember the fun times in the cafeteria, hanging out with friends at sports or club events, or learning interesting new facts and information from memorable teachers in class.

The Academy of Mount St. Ursula (AMSU) experience is filled with people who care about each other. Students, administrators, teachers, staff, and coaches all care for one another in the same way a family does. As the oldest continuously operating Catholic high school for girls in the State of New York, we have paved the way for future leaders and innovators for over a century. However, AMSU is so much more; it is a special place because it is filled
with family that makes it a home.

As amazing as AMSU is, our home needs some physical work. In an effort to keep providing a wonderful learning experience, over the next three years we will be working to raise 1.5 million dollars to make essential repairs to the school.

To date, $250,000 has been donated by generous donors (like yourselves) and the Ursuline Sisters to make improvements. The first improvement made was replacing our boiler. This replacement improved heating for the entire building and is more energy efficient.

We have other needs to help make our home the greatest learning environment possible, but we need your help financially.

Our first priority is to raise enough funds to replace our windows, fire alarm systems, brick facade/rust, and front doors with enhanced security. Cost is an estimated $540,000.

  • Total cost to replace windows = $228,000 or $800 per window (285 windows in total).
  • Total cost to replace fire alarm systems = $189,000 or $63,000 per unit (3 units in total).
  • Total cost to replace front doors with enhanced security and brick façade/rust = $120,000.

Next steps will be: Roofing, plumbing, and site/structural improvements. Estimated cost is $1,000,000.

We know you want our future family members to have the same feelings and make the same memories you did when you walked through those high school doors. Please help us make sure they do. After all, AMSU is not just for four years, the experience and connections last a lifetime.

Please join our Sustain Our Structure, SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL Campaign and make a donation to support AMSU and our students in similar situations to complete their education in a safe environment.


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