It all started when…

The oldest continuously operating Catholic girls' high school in New York State, the Academy of Mount St. Ursula was founded in 1855 in East Morrisania, New York City by Ursuline Sisters who came from St. Louis, Missouri. It was chartered in 1868 and has been located at Bedford Park Boulevard and Bainbridge Avenue since 1892. The total program is based on unchanging spiritual and moral values actualized in a curriculum and co-curriculum designed to meet the needs of today's students. Throughout its long history, AMSU's family spirit has always fostered deep interpersonal bonds among students, faculty, parents, and alumnae.

Our Mission

The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is a Catholic high school, conducted in the Ursuline tradition, that serves college-bound women of diverse cultures through its programs in Academics, Arts and Service. By instilling a love of learning and a broader global view, in a safe and nurturing environment, we strive to empower young women for leadership in society.

Characteristics of an Ursuline Education:

  • A personal concern for each individual.

  • The development of the whole person to her full potential.

  • The importance of religious education and the integration of values in every part of our lives.

  • Academic Excellence.

  • A strong family and community spirit.

  • Encouragement of community service.

  • The presence of St. Angela’s spirituality as a guiding force for us.

Core Values of an Ursuline Education:

  • Academic Excellence

  • Service to Society

  • Emphasis on the Individual

  • Family Atmosphere

  • Women as Leaders

  • Open to Change

  • Spiritual Awareness

  • Heritage of St. Angela

Belief Statement:

We believe that:

  • A community of faith and belief in human potential for learning are essential to our Catholic Ursuline tradition.

  • Ethnic and religious diversity is valued and embraced within our school community and curriculum.

  • Students must assume personal responsibility and accountability for their actions.

  • All students, regardless of abilities or challenges, have a right to a quality education in a safe learning environment that promotes self-esteem and respect for all in a community of sisterhood.

  • Education is most successful when students, teachers, parents and the community work collaboratively.

  • Our curriculum emphasizes the value of service, as it provides volunteer and leadership opportunities in school, church, community and society.

  • Students must be challenged to work towards excellence and to not accept mediocrity.

  • Students must be encouraged to adopt a holistic approach to their education in terms of success in academics, arts, athletics and service.

  • Encouraging students to be critical and independent thinkers will prepare them to become lifelong learners in an ever-changing technological society.

Profile of a Graduate:

In keeping with the Ursuline tradition of empowering young women, a graduate of the Academy of Mount St. Ursula will ideally be able to:


  • Celebrate God’s love by having respect for herself and others, and by allowing that love to foster good moral judgement.

  • Serve others within the context of her family, her community, and the global society in accordance with the Ursuline tradition.


  • Master content and become a critical thinker as she researches, analyzes, interprets, and values education as a lifelong learner.

  • Have knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines and be able to apply this knowledge, along with current technology, to problem solving and real-life situations.

  • Graduates will be able to understand, navigate, and effectively utilize diverse forms of technology.


  • Respect, appreciate, and adapt to a culturally diverse society.

  • Demonstrate a sense of self-respect, self-control, and an acceptance of all people.

  • Communicate clearly and effectively, learn to lead, and work collaboratively.

  • Develop leadership skills and a sense of civic responsibility.