What's Happening at AMSU

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Monday, March 19th: B Day; Seussical Dress and Tech Rehearsals 3-6:30pm
Tuesday, March 20th: C Day; Finance Committee Meeting 4pm
Wednesday, March 21st: D Day; Suessical Dress and Tech Rehearsals 3-6:30pm
Thursday, March 22nd: At-home study day for grades 9, 11, and 12; 10th graders are in school in proper dress uniform from 11:45am-2:30pm to see the dress rehearsal of Suessical
Friday, March 23rd: E Day; School Musical Production 7:30pm 

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National Walkout Day

Hundreds of our #LadyBears walkout of the Academy of Mount St. Ursula for #NationalWalkoutDay. Our goal is to also push for changes to gun laws from our governmental representatives. Read More...

AMSU students were featured on CNN in support of #MyFreedomDay. https://www.cnn.com/specials/world/myfreedomday