Arts, Music, Media & Technology


Janine Collins, AMSU ’06

Art Teacher, Department Chairperson


AMSU Start Date: September 2015

Basic Art, Studio Art, Media Arts and Applications, and Animation

Extra Curricula: Anime Club

Personal Interests: Reading, Singing, Playing Guitar, Life Drawing, & Graphic Design for print

Bachelor of Science, Macaulay Honors College at Lehman College, – Computer Graphics and Imaging 
Master of Fine Arts, Lehman College – Digital Media

Mrs. Janine Collins has been teaching at AMSU since September 2015, but has previously been on staff at the school as a design intern and as a graphic designer. She also teaches Introduction to Digital Art at Lehman College through their College Now Program. Even though it has been years since she was a student in these halls, she still sees it as a home away from home and is happy to be part of the AMSU family.


Aquiala Walden

Music Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 2018

Music, Acting & Theatre, and SAT Prep

Extra Curricula: AMSU Vocalists

Personal Interests: Music, painting, cooking, and baking

Bachelor of Music, Ithaca College – Music Education

Ms. Aquiala Walden was born and raised in the Bronx, NY where she grew closely tied to church and music ministry, her initial introduction to music. Aquiala also comes from a family of very strong musical influence as her father and several relatives have served and currently serve as ministers of music in various churches throughout the U.S. and in the country of Jamaica. Throughout her years at IC, intense study of her major, involvement in extracurricular and community ensembles has led Ms. Walden to gain a wealth of knowledge on different genres and styles of music. She prides herself in comfortability and understanding of appropriate singing and playing techniques regarding classical, jazz, gospel and the negro spiritual. Although the voice is her primary instrument, Ms. Walden also plays the piano and guitar at an intermediate level and can teach an array of instruments from beginner to intermediate levels. Her methods of teaching involve ensuring all students experience self-awareness and representation in their education. 
“Being a music educator is a path that chose me, and I fervently take on the task. I look forward to using music to lead students in the direction of growth, self-awareness and cultural


Regina Ward

Technology Teacher and Webmaster


AMSU Start Date: September 2018

Intro to Computers and AP Computer Science Principles

Extra Curricula: Technology Club and Umoja Dare STEP Team

Personal Interests: Technology, bowling, fencing, art, and science

Bachelor of Arts, The City College of New York (CUNY) – New Media Design 
Master of Science, New York Institute of Technology – Instructional Technology 
Microsoft Office Master Instructor

I’ve been connected to AMSU for well over 30 years; As an alum, as the sister of two alums, and as the mother of two recent alums. Now, God has placed me here by providing the opportunity to teach technology. It was a computer class here at AMSU that solidified my desire to pursue a technology career. And now, I have the opportunity to provide that spark or grow a young woman’s interest in computing. I strive to show our students all the opportunities that are available for women in technology and that any women can be successful in this field.



Keri Masick

Grant Writer and English Teacher, Department Chairperson


AMSU Start Date: September 2008

English 10, English 11, English 11 Honors, English 12

Extra Curricula: Dance Club

Personal Interests: Reading, cooking, and baking

Bachelor of Art, Iona College – Psychology  
Master of Science in Teaching, Iona College – Adolescent Education/English (7-12)

Ms. Masick first began teaching at AMSU in 2008. She left in 2011 to return to school and returned to AMSU in 2015. She is extremely excited to once again be a part of the AMSU family where she will continue to foster students’ development in Academics, Arts, and Services and to instill in the young woman of AMSU and love and appreciation for literature. Miss Masick earned a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S.T. in Adolescent Education/English Grades 7-12. Aside from teaching she loves to read, cook, and bake.


Jessica Sticklor

English Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 2015

English 9, English 10, English 12, AP English

Extra Curricula: Creative Writing Club

Personal Interests: Writing, kickboxing, yoga, reading, skiing

Bachelor of Arts, The New School – Liberal Arts with concentration in Creative Writing  
Master of Fine Arts, The City College (CUNY) – Creative Fiction Writing

Ms. Sticklor has taught at AMSU for 4 years. She has also taught English and Literature at City College, SUNY Old Westbury, and The New School. She teaches creative writing at The Gotham Writers workshop. She has published articles in Ms. Magazine, Bust Magazine, Education Week, and The Writer. Her first novel was published in 2013 and her second novel, The Beekeepers Daughter, will be published in 2019. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.


Noreen McAuliffe

English Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 2017

ELA, English 9, English 9 Honors, English 10 Honors

Extra Curricula: Instructional Television (ITV) News and Views

Personal Interests: Reading, history, gardening, Manchester United (English Football team), movies, and TV

Bachelor of Arts, University College Cork – English and Philosophy 
Master of Arts, Lehman College (CUNY) – English

Ms. Noreen McAuliffe earned a BA in English and Philosophy from University College Cork in Ireland, and an MA in English from Lehman College in the Bronx. She has thirteen years teaching experience, with students ranging from grades 2 to 8 and is excited to be bringing her love of literature and learning to the young women of AMSU. She has also taught English as a foreign language in Paris, France, and written grammar exercises for Prentice Hall textbooks. She currently lives in Westchester County.

Modern Language


Linda Peri

Foreign Language Teacher, Department Chairperson


AMSU Start Date: September 1985

Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Italian 1.5, and Italian 2.5

Extra Curricula: Italian Club

Personal Interests: When I am not at AMSU, I enjoy spending time with my family and my beagle

Bachelor of Arts, Fordham University – Italian and Spanish  
Master of Science, Iona College – Spanish and Education

I first came to AMSU in the fall of 1985, and in the many years I have taught here this school has become a second home to me. I have a great passion for my subject and teaching foreign language has never gotten stale for me. Several years ago I was honored with the FIAME Excellence in Teaching Award. To this day, I look forward to seeing my students and colleagues.


Diana Mera

Foreign Language Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 2008

Spanish 1, Spanish 1-2, and Spanish 3

Extra Curricula: Spanish Club

Bachelor of Arts – Spanish Secondary Education  
Master of Arts – Spanish Secondary Education 
Professional Certification – 9-12 Spanish Secondary

My experiences at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula have helped to develop myself into a leader and a devoted advocate for our community advancement.

Health and Phys Ed


Tara Harrison, AMSU ‘07

Physical Education Teacher, Department Chairperson/Athletic Director


AMSU Start Date: September 2014

Physical Education 9, 10, 11 & 12

Extra Curricula: Volleyball & Softball Coach

Personal Interests: Hiking, traveling, cardio kickboxing, & spending time with my family

Bachelor of Arts, St. Thomas Aquinas College

I am so thrilled to embark upon my 5th year as a teacher and Athletic Director at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula. I hope to instill an appreciation for physical fitness in my students. My experiences as a student-athlete at AMSU taught me invaluable life lessons and I aim to impart the same principles, such as sportsmanship, integrity and self-discipline upon the young women that I teach and coach.


Jennifer Brenlla

Health and Wellness Coach


AMSU Start Date: September 2018


Extra Curricula: Personal Counseling

Personal Interests: Traveling, Golfing, Gardening, Broadway Shows, Spending time with my family, and going to the beach

Bachelor of Arts, Loyola University Maryland - Sociology 
Master of Social Work, Temply University - Social Work

I am thrilled to be welcomed into the AMSU community. A native of the Philadelphia area, I love my adopted home of New York and everything the city has to offer. My career has been focused on working with women, families, and youth and my passion is empowering young women to make good choices for themselves. I look forward to challenging our girls to be their best selves, A motto I live by is People before things!



Jhenelle Robinson

Librarian/Media Specialist


(718) 364-5353 Ext. 225

AMSU Start Date: September 2017

Extra Curricula: Library Council

Personal Interests: Food, health, traveling, education

Bachelor of Arts, Hunter College (CUNY) - English  
Master of Science, Clarion University - Library Science

Jhenelle is the current school librarian at the Academy of Mount St Ursula. She previously worked at the New York Public Library for 12 years in various roles, most recent as a Senior Young Adult Librarian in the South Bronx. She has special interest in educational equity, youth services and financial independence. 



Monica DeLaurentis, AMSU ’70

Mathematics Teacher, Department Chairperson


AMSU Start Date: September 1974

Algebra II, Algebra II Honors, Intermediate Algebra, Applied Mathematics

Extra Curricula: Tutoring

Personal Interests: Family (especially my 4 grandchildren), Travel, Fitness, Gardening, and Dining

Bachelor of Science, Fordham University – Biology
Master of Science, Iona College – Sceince Education 
18 Post Graduate credits in Mathematics

The Academy of Mount St. Ursula is a special place where strong bonds between friends and teachers are created. For over 35 years I have tried to empower my students. I am passionate that they find their voice and strive for excellence. I have had the privilege of meeting and teaching some amazing women. They have enriched me beyond words and have kept me young in spirit. It has an experience that will always be remembered and valued.


Lillian Savastano

Mathematics Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 2016

Algebra I STAR, Geometry, and Geometry Honors

Personal Interests: Fashion, Singing, Acting, Watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette (TV show)

Bachelor of Arts, Iona College – Adolescent Mathematics Education 
Master of Arts, Columbia University - Math Education (in progress)

My philosophy is to provide an engaging and challenging learning environment where my students will flourish academically. I have excelled in the academic world due to the attention and support of many talented teachers and I hope to provide that same attention and support to my students so that they can move beyond their expectations.

Religious Studies


Mr. Leonardo Soliman

Religious Studies Teacher, Department Chairperson


AMSU Start Date: September 2005

Religious Studies 11, Religious Studies 12

Extra Curricula: Asian Club


Bachelor of Art, Our Lady of Penafrancia, Holy Rosary Theologate and the University of Santo Tomas Pontifical Seminary – Philosophy and Theology 
Master of Public Administration, – Health Care Management


Tiffany Lee

AMSU Start Date: September 2018

Religious Studies Teacher


Extra Curricula: Assist with UN Connection Club, Retreats, and Community Service opportunities

Personal Interests:  Community organizing and movement building in faith communities for social justice, community service, retreats, immersion travel experiences, cooking and sharing meals with friends and family.  

Bachelor of Arts, College of the Holy Cross -- Sociology, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration Master of Arts, Clark University -- International Development and Social Change 

As the daughter of an AMSU alumna, it's an honor to be here teaching the next generation of AMSU ladies. After graduating from College of the Holy Cross and working for an international, interfaith nonprofit organization, International Partners in Mission in Cleveland, OH, as Director of Education & Outreach, coordinating youth immersion programs abroad, I received a MA in International Development and Social Change from Clark University, while serving as a Pastoral Associate and Catechist for St. Peter's Catholic parish in Worcester, MA and continuing in faith-based community organizing through a summer internship with a Catholic parish in the Dominican Republic.  After moving to New York to work with a Catholic nonprofit organization, Centro Altagracia de Fe y Justicia, (which was later reconstituted as Altagracia Faith and Justice Works), I continue to serve as Executive Director, coordinating local youth service-learning programs, organizing parish-based Social Justice Ministry teams, and running various forums, retreats, as well as educational and advocacy events, particularly supporting affordable housing, and bilingual civic engagement of the working class and immigrant population in community planning processes. I also organized Northern Manhattan's first Interfaith Leaders Coalition, which is still active today. After working in youth immersion and service programs and faith-based community development initiatives for the last 10 years, putting faith into action, I'm excited to be working with the next generation of young women in the classroom sharing my faith in this new role as a Religious Studies teacher and look forward to seeing the many ways they will put their own faith into action through AMSU's motto of "Serviam" and through many other opportunities like the UN Connection club and beyond.   



Suroj Tiwari

Science Teacher, Department Chairperson


AMSU Start Date: January 1997

AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Physics, Regents Physics

Extra Curricula: Tutoring

Personal Interests: Hiking, boating, gardening, and pleasure reading

Ph.D., Graduate School University Center (CUNY) – Biological Science

Dr. Tiwari has had a varied career. In addition, to teaching at AMSU for over 20 years, he has spoken on scientific panels. But his greatest joy is being an avid hiker.


Athena Mengharini

Science Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 2013

Living Environment (Regents Biology) and Regents Earth Science

Extra Curricula: Astronomy Club and Brain & Behavior Club

Personal Interests: Hiking and reading

Ph.D., Lehman College (CUNY) – Biology

Years of research have shown me that science is fun. When students are challenged and meet their challenges, they achieve real happiness. My many years of teaching include a decade spent teaching science at the college level. I bring the depth of understanding and real-world examples to the classroom.


Aroon Rampersaud

Science Teacher


AMSU Start Date: October 2007

Regents Chemistry and AP Chemistry

Extra Curricula: Eco – Sci club

Personal Interests: Reading and watching movies

Bachelor of Science - Science

Teaching at AMSU can be regarded as the zenith of my teaching career. The administration, faculty, my colleagues in the Science Department, the staff and the student population all contribute to make the AMSU experience one to cherish. 
The students are always keen and eager to learn and usually have interesting questions that promote class discussions and enhance the lesson delivery. It is always gratifying to assist students to pursue extra programs in science and to learn that they intend to pursue a career in science. 
The students are always welcoming and are always happy to extend greetings whenever they encounter you; their warmth and kindness boost morale and self-esteem.


Jennifer Cofre

Science Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 2017

Living Environment, AP Chemistry, and Forensic Science

Extra Curricula: Fashion Club

Personal Interests: Traveling, Fashion, Health and Fitness

Bachelor of Science, Iona College – General Biology  
Master of Science in Teaching, Iona College – Adolescence Biology Education (in progress)

I am very excited and feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity to teach at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula. This will be my first year teaching Living Environment, AP Chemistry, and Forensic Science at AMSU come September, and I hope to encourage the young women of AMSU and instill in them an interest in science that will last a lifetime. My goal is to provide my students the support and knowledge they’ll need to be successful in both science and their personal future aspirations. My experience working with students from 1st to 12th grade continues to inspire me and solidify my love for teaching. I look forward to meeting all of you and ultimately being able to consider AMSU a home away from home!

Social Studies


Katherine Corticcio

Social Studies Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 1977

Global 9, Global 10, US History and Government

Extra Curricula: Photography Club

Bachelor of Arts, Hunter College (CUNY) 
Master of Arts, Lehman College (CUNY) – Secondary Social Studies Education

Since 1977, this has been my home away from home. I have had the joy of meeting wonderful and supportive people who continue to make a difference in my life. I once brought my niece over to the convent and school on the weekend when she was about four years old, and this is the question she asked’ “does Jesus live here?” She is now 39 years old and just attended the 160th Anniversary Gala with my entire family (from California and Virginia) and me; so the answer is still the same: “Yes, Janine, Jesus does certainly live here!” This family spirit continues to nurture these young ladies and encourage them to “march on to victory.”


Marie Fabrizio

Social Studies Teacher, Department Chairperson


AMSU Start Date: September 1999

AP European History, AP United States History, Global 10, Participation in Government/Economics

Extra Curricula: Tutoring/AP and Regents review classes

Personal Interests: Traveling, reading, museums

Bachelor of Arts, Fordham University – History 
Master of Arts in Teaching, Manhattanville College – Social Studies Education 
NYS Teacher Certification Social Studies Grades 5-12

The Academy of Mount St. Ursula has been my second home for over sixteen years. The young women I have had the pleasure to teach and know are extraordinary, and I am continually learning from them, as well. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of the AMSU family.


Sinead Cameron, AMSU ’06

Social Studies Teacher


AMSU Start Date: September 2016

Global 10, US History and Government, Anthropology/Sociology

Extra Curricula: Living History club and Regents Review

Personal Interests: Tennis, Traveling, Cooking, and American History

Bachelor of Arts, Iona College – Adolescent Education Social Studies 
Master of Science in Education, Iona College – Adolescent Education Social Studies

I am very grateful to be working at my alma mater. The four years, I spent here, were some of the greatest in my life. I am looking forward to making many new memories along the way and inspiring my students the same way the teachers here have positively influenced me.